Volume II, Issue 2: Syllabi

Spirituality & Higher Education Curriculum: The HERI Syllabi Project


"The Anthropology of Death and Dying"
Ronald Barrett, Stanford University

"Indigenous Traditions and Ecology"
Frédérique Apffel-Marglin, Smith College


"Sacred Images, Altars, and Rituals"
Adele Wayman, Guilford College

"Basic Drawing"
Frank T. Martin, Spelman College


"Evolution and Christian Theology"
Fr. Joe Fortier, S.J., St. Louis University

Business & Management

"The Effective Executive: Managing Experience"
Jeremy P. Hunter, Peter Drucker School of Management,
Claremont Graduate University

"Perspectives on Management"
Shirley J. Roels, Calvin College

Communications/Media Studies

"Communication and the Human Spirit"
John Hochheimer, Ithaca College

Counseling/Social Work

"Exploring the Spiritual Experience in the Twelve Step Program of Alcoholics"
Jeff Sandoz, University of Louisiana, Lafayette


"Workshop: The Sacred and the Spiritual in Education"
Jennifer G. Haworth, Loyola University of Chicago

"The American College Student"
Sandra Estanek, Canisius College

"Spirituality in Counseling"
J. Scott Young, Mississippi State University

Environmental Sciences

"Environmental Justice Practicum: The Central Valley"
Br. Keith Douglass Warner, Santa Clara University

"Spirituality & Sustainability: Global Consciousness for Earth's Future"
Br. Keith Douglass Warner, Santa Clara University

"Faith, Ethics, & the Biodiversity Crisis"
Br. Keith Douglass Warner, Santa Clara University


"Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership"
Betty Robinson, University of South Maine

"Spirituality & Leadership"
Matthew Cobb, Kansas State University

"Leadership & Spirituality: Leading Lives of Courage, Compassion, and Commitment to the Common Good"
Mark Peters, University of San Diego


"Spirituality & Medicine Elective: First Year Medical Students"
John Tarpley, Vanderbilt University


"Holistic Health and Complementary/Alternative Medicine"
Mary Anne Bright, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


"Critical Thinking and Writing in Integral Studies"
Jorge N. Ferrer, California Institute of Integral Studies

"Spirituality & Theoretical Research"
Jorge N. Ferrer, California Institute of Integral Studies

Physical Education

"Basic Tennis"
James Cohagan, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor


"Senior Capstone: Religious & Spiritual Development"
Chris J. Boyatzis, Bucknell University

"Health Psychology"
Thomas Plante, Santa Clara University

"Advanced Topics in Clinical/Abnormal Psychology"
Thomas Plante, Santa Clara University

"The Self and Beyond: Psychology and Spirituality"
Brad Hastings, Mount Aloysius College

Transpersonal Perspectives on Sexuality & Relationships
Jorge N. Ferrer, California Institute of Integral Studies

Religious & Spiritual Studies

"Advanced PhD Seminar: Comparative Mysticism"
Jorge N. Ferrer, California Institute of Integral Studies

"Spirituality, Community, and Multiculturalism in South India"
Jorge N. Ferrer & Mariana Caplan, California Institute of Integral Studies

"Earth Crammed With Heaven: A Spirituality of Everyday (and University) Life"
Elizabeth Dreyer, Ignatian Residential College, Fairfield University

"Spiritual Formation Practice"
Katherine Amos, Wake Forest Divinity School

"Introduction to the Spiritual Life"
Katherine Amos, Samuel F. Weber, & Sam Stevenson, Wake Forest Divinity School

"Spirituality Expressed"
Beletia Marvray Diamond, Spelman College

"Inquiring after God"
Ellen Charry, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Beneath the Surface of Our Lives"
MaDonna Thelen, Rosary College of Arts and Sciences, Dominican University


"Sociology of Health"
Enzo Giorgino, University of Turin, Italy


"Cultivating Meditative Awareness"
Michael Faber, Ithaca College

Urban Studies

"Spirituality and Nonviolent Social Transformation"
Patricia Karlin-Neumann, Scotty McLennan, and Joanne Sanders, Stanford University