Ethic of Caring

Ethic of Caring reflects our sense of caring and concern about the welfare of others and the world around us. These feelings are expressed in wanting to help those who are troubled and to alleviate suffering. It includes a concern about social justice issues and an interest in the welfare of one’s community and the environment, as well as a commitment to social and political activism. In contrast to Charitable Involvement, which emphasizes “caring for,” Ethic of Caring emphasizes “caring about.”

Ethic of Caring shows substantial growth during the college years. Positive growth in Ethic of Caring can be accelerated by participating in study abroad programs, taking interdisciplinary courses, and engaging in community service as part of a class (i.e., service learning).

Growth in Caring is also enhanced when students live on the campus and when professors place a high priority on having a diverse, multicultural campus.