Longitudinal CSBV Study (2004-2007)

2004 Freshman Survey

In 2004 a sub-sample of 236 baccalaureate-granting institutions participating in UCLA’s Annual Survey of Entering Freshmen was selected for the next administration of the College Students' Beliefs and Values (CSBV) Survey. The revised 2004 CSBV questionnaire, which was a modified version of the 2003 pilot questionnaire, was completed by 112,232 entering first-year students as a two-page addendum to the annual four-page CIRP Freshman Survey. The research team again partnered with the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) to modify the original CSBV pilot questionnaire, primarily with respect to cutting the length from four pages to two pages and omitting or modifying items that were not appropriate for individuals who had not yet attended college (e.g., interactions with faculty, self-perceived changes in college, involvement in college activities and clubs). In total, the two-page CSBV addendum to the 2004 Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey included 129 items and the regular four-page CIRP incorporated approximately 30 additional items that dealt with aspects of spirituality and religion.

A CSBV “normative” sample was selected on the basis of response rates for each campus. Data from this normative sample were weighted to approximate the responses we would have expected had all first-time, full-time students attending baccalaureate colleges and universities across the country participated in the survey.

Data from the 2004 CSBV Freshman Survey administration are not currently available for analysis by external researchers.

For information about the annual Freshman Survey and access to other existing data sets, please contact the Higher Education Research Institute.

2007 CSBV Follow-Up Survey

In Spring 2007, 14,527 students who were completing their junior year at a selected subsample of 136 of the original 236 institutions provided us with longitudinal follow-up survey data that included information on most of the 160 questions contained on the 2004 CIRP/CSBV Survey, thus enabling us to measure change in students’ spiritual and religious qualities during college. This sample of respondents who completed the 2007 CSBV Longitudinal Follow Up Survey questionnaire includes sizable numbers of students from most religious denominations and racial/ethnic groups, and their colleges represent all types of public, private nonsectarian, and religiously affiliated (mostly Roman Catholic, mainline Protestant, and Evangelical) institutions. A complex weighting scheme was employed that allows us to estimate how the entire population of juniors attending baccalaureate institutions would have responded to the survey.

For more information about the 2007 longitudinal follow up study, please see additional methodological details, along with our factor table scales, and intercorrelation table.

Data from the 2007 Follow-Up Survey and the 2004-2007 Longitudinal Study are not currently available for analysis by external researchers.